Maximise the potential of your
business transactions with blockchain

Coinflow Advisory assists non-blockchain businesses in the world's transition towards blockchain. Our purpose is to support firms in understanding and utilising the economic benefits of blockchain technology through training and specialised procurement software solutions. Automate your data collection, structuring, modelling & visualisation to scale your enterprise!

Why blockchain?

The internet broke down barriers of globalization for businesses. Blockchain does the same for industrial ecosystems.

The blockchain is an enablement technology that defines a new economic model, where the focus is customer-centric. Because of the nature of this, it will be a challenge for firms who cannot or are unwilling to adapt to the change. Through blockchain technology, customers can value at a more competitive price.

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Use cases


Bookkeeping & Accounting's expertise lies in blockchain data collection, modelling & visualization, as . Our specialty is in handling cryptocurrency exchange data, blockchain ledger data: financial and non-financial. We offer a set of accounting solutions that range from API's to convert blockchain ledger data into accounting ledger data, automated bookkeeping & financial controlling solutions for platforms, enterprises & blockchains.


Supply Chain

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About Us

Coinflow Advisory builds a collection of automated accounting software solutions to fill the missing links between the blockchain and accounting software industry. Our first product, Coinex, is due to release mid 2019.

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